Don’t Get Caught Dancing

These works were completed in Spring 2010 during my last semester at Fredonia State. I was pondering the why it is that when we reach adulthood we become detached from that person we were as a young child, as if they are two separate entities when our lives are
simply a constant continuum, and evolution of growth? It is my belief that society puts
so much expectation on what it means to be an “adult” that we lose our childish wonder,
shameless innocence, and uninhibited joy. We forget that there were days when we
worked cooperatively and everyone was our best friend. This contradicts the
“grown-up” world where competition is emphasized and we are told to get
ahead however we can, even if it means stepping on others’ toes. Pure
expression is often discouraged, unless you want to be looked at funny,
like Matt Pond sings in irony, “wherever you go make sure you don’t get caught dancing.”

In this series I attempted to reconnect, reclaim, and remember
who I was and who I still want to be today, even if that means holding on
to an “idealism” that is often belittled. Representational images of myself
as a child interact with images of a more recent self in my paintings such
as one which depicts a young girl swinging on a swing set at 4 years old
while an older girl stands swinging on a swing simultaneously in the
opposing direction. As for choice in subject matter, I use abstract
associations with people, places, colors, and objects that have been
symbolic in my growth. This iconography includes ballet shoes,
avacados, 90th birthday cakes, the oceans and lakes. Every moment
contains fleeting beauty and my painting aesthetic of these attempts
to portray this transience, whether it’s by way of pungent magnolia
blossoms that bloom only for days, olives that are shared and savored,
or bubbles that are blown and quickly burst.

Love of a mother, a child, a lover; it is everything. This love marks
where we are in our lives and how we experience each day. This series
is an evolution of lessons of love, loss, and learning. Everything must
go, for everything in our lives is simply passing, like cycles in nature,
birth, and death. Nothing is forever. This series is a tribute to this;
however, not in a morbid sense, but rather an enlightening sense.
It is my own reminder to be aware of the sacredness and
preciousness of every moment, every sound, every touch,
which are saturated with breath and beauty.

  • Role Spring 2010
  • For Fredonia State Solo Show, Fredonia NY 2010

"We Are Infinite"

"A Star Dies, a Star is Born"

"Through the Eyes of a Red-Winged Blackbird"

"Olive You"

"Apple of His Eye"

"The Moon is Not Only Beautiful"

"Through the Veil"