The Art of Letting Go

This series was completed my last semester at Fredonia (Spring 2010) as part of a Printmaking Independent Study which paralleled my paintings. It began as a way to de-clutter and de-stress, taking collected papers, old love letters, and reference photos I had accumulated in my studio over the years and collaging them and using them for composition studies. Cards, because I have been making them since I was a little girl and wanted to return to this pure childhood creativity. It was further inspired when a janitor in the art department was wheeling out a dolly full of hundreds and hundreds of vintage Print magazines from the 60s and 70s to a dumpster. Stopping him dead in his tracks and after salvaging and re-distributing these priceless artifacts to fellow art majors, I proceeded to rip, tear, glue into the night. This is when I reaffirmed my love for paper collage. The relationship continues to be a beautiful one.

  • For Fredonia State, NY 2010
  • Date Spring 2010

Card Installation at my Senior Solo Show. Fredonia, NY 2010. Photo by Jeannette Chin