The Oceans Inside of Us

“Strawberry Kisses and Goodnight Moon” was a series that began in the summer of 2012 and is has now evolved into “The Oceans Inside of Us” series as of January 2013. The pieces within this body of work contains layers of symbolic associations that pertain to relationships in my life that have blossomed and those that have been broken. It reflects a struggle with understanding sexuality and its connection to greater rhythms and forces of nature. In the creation of my body of work I find that I am subconsciously seeking balance and harmony between elements of my own personality, and am often reflecting dichotomies of pain and pleasure, male and female energies, with the lines between often blurred. For me each piece of art work is a page in a visual diary. Each color i choose, each image I collage or paint becomes a mnemonic device that aids in learning about myself and the patterns in my life. Although my work has a personal narrative, the themes I chose are intentionally abstracted with the intention that others create their own associations, and meanwhile pay tribute to a complex, collective history of love and letting go.

  • For The Vault, Buffalo NY 2013
  • Date February 2013

From Dream Fireworks to Apple Rain

The Art of Letting Go

Across the Universe

For Elma

The Love Language



You Do Like Honey Do

Brooklyn, 5 Years Later

Birthday Cake